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About Brothersoft

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About Brothersoft was established in 2002. Now we're already the top 3 professional software download website.
Brothersoft provides shareware and freeware downloads by categories,including video, audio, internet, security, games, business, development, utilities and so on.
We commit ourselves to afford real valuable direction and more professional and better service for our customers.

Brothersoft traffic
Brothersoft English now has 40,000,000 unique visitors per month and generates 25,000,000 downloads per month.
Our daily pageview is about 3,000,000. Our PR value is 8 and current Alexa traffic rank is 300.

Brothersoft Demographics

Demographics Percentage
Geography 32% America
16% Indian
13% UK
12% Canada
9% German
28% Others
Operating Systems 82% XP
13% Vista
2% 2000
3% Others
Browser and OS 65% Internet Explorer / Windows
27% Firefox / Windows
8% Others
Gender 65% male
35% female

7% below 18
22% 18-24
29% 25-34
23% 35-44
10% 45-54
9% 55+

Household Income 31% 0-30K
25% 30K-60K
21% 60K-100K
23% 100K+

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